Hours of Operation: Mon. 1-3pm; 7-8:30pm Wed. 1-3pm


Today when I woke up I had a sore leg, my thigh was hurting so much that I was limping when I walked. I arrived at the Healing Rooms and they prayed for me. The pain diminished right away, then they prayed again the the pain left. By the time it was time to go home my leg was not hurting and I could walk with no pain. I was even able to exercise. Thank you Lord. N. M.

The LIVINGWELL Healingrooms is a place where the peace of God’s presence is tangible.  We have experienced that many times in a healing way, both physically and spiritually through the prayer ministry that is offered there freely in Jesus name.  We can testify that for both of us, because of the prayers of His servants at the Healing Rooms our medical outcome of some test results has been changed for the good, praise God who heals all our diseases.  H & D

Healing Room Team – Thank you for your prayers and support. We are blessed to have a healing room team here in Thunder Bay. I appreciate your commitment and faithfulness to the Lord. It has made a difference in my healing journey. D.B.


…More coming soon!