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Maggie Baratto: Story of Being a Least Likely for God (From April 7, 2017)

Maggie is a public health nurse.

She wears a Canadian Flag around her waist for God. This is to declare alliance with God for what He wants to do in Canada. Maggie steps out to do it for God no problem, this takes down fear of man. She does what she was born to do for God. Do all that is in your heart for ME says God. He says “I release you to be HOT.” Say it to your neighbour.

She resides in Arthur Ontario about one hour northwest of Toronto. King Arthur’s table, a round table was donated to the centre by old Mennonite’s in 2010-2011.

She was called then out of her nursing career to open a Healing Rooms in Arthur. It was to be like a walk in clinic. She was a public health nurse hungry for God. She has 5 children and was in waiting stage and a moment she was awakened by God. A store front was found in Arthur. She read the book by John G Lake about opening the ancient wells of healing. Her husband Eddie was not sure. She went to the library and read about Healing Rooms. Second book she read was by Cal Pierce about reopening the ancient wells of healing rooms.

July 1 2011 opened the Healing Rooms. There were many forest fires in Northern Ontario at that time. The native population was being sent out of their communities to Toronto. Many of them were bused to Arthur Community Centre. The Healing Rooms was birthed in the midst of this. She sees Healing Rooms on reserves across Canada. God said he would bring the natives to her front door and he did through this event. Maggie helped out as a nurse for the evacuees. She saw that many had no shoes. She organized a shoe drive. Healing Rooms became the drop off point. Clothes, shoes money, and much more was set up in their War Room. Natives came through and picked up the items they needed. GOD SAYS THERE WILL BE NO REVIVAL WITHOUT THE NATIVE PEOLE IN THE FOREFRONT OF THE MOVEMENT.

God cares for the missing and murdered native women in this country. There is a demonic attack on native women. God says there is a CALL on native women in Canada. God is addressing stuff. Preparing the Nation. There will be Healing Room healings and miracles out of the boat. 40-50 people at a time. Everyone is getting out of the boat and trained up to minister. Take a physical AXE to the crusades. Tornadoes coming through in area and the trees are uprooted. Take big roots on stage. Wear flag, take Axe to the roots. God is laying an AXE to the ROOTS of addiction, mental illness and physical diseases. The inside of a person is reflected on the outside of a person in illness. HEALING OF EMOTIONS- WITH MY EMOTIONS SAYS GOD.

After this Maggie resigned as a nurse. Big pay cut. Right after she resigned she got a call from Spokane Washington to be the Canadian National Director of Healing Rooms.

The first building in Arthur they had was sad looking so they moved. They prayed and the new place looks better. They have a CAFÉ and book store in a nice building. They were given a house for women caught in trafficking, addiction and sex trade. They are there to raise the women up. They, the women, will be disciples of God. Healing room is geared for women. There is a boutique in it. The women can get outfitted. A salon is now set up. Brand new. They will be opening a house for men too. The ones who were the perpetrators of the abuse and sex trade.

God is preparing a harvest field. It is Nineveh for the men. The men are hated. Intercessors pray for the men. We do not fight flesh and blood. An open harvest field are the men of wicked Nineveh. God sent Jonah to speak in Nineveh. Jonah finally goes and everyone repents. The whole city repents. God relented and did not destroy the city. GOD SAYS ASK ME FOR THE ANNOINTING OF JONAH ON YOUR LIFE. HAVE FEAR OF THE LORD. Bring in the church of Canada. Fear of the Lord will bring repentance. New doors will open to train for the harvest. Church is getting ready to receive. Harvest is ripe. The great harvesters are the LEAST LIKELY. They will be the greatest.

Maggie and Eddy are normal people with no budget. The just stepped out in faith and God provides. It is not easy but God provides. The girls they take care of never knew about God. There are crosses on the walls. Girls need divine intervention to help heal them.

In her WAR Room there are trains and train tracks on the walls. Network across Canada via the train tracks. Canada was opened up by the railroad. It united Canada. She received a call from two friends about taking a train across Canada. Canada is getting on track. Going east to west. Maggie will be on the train going to 20 cities. She is going with her kids and husband all July and August. Her husband encouraged her and kids are eager to go.

The vision is clear to her. Harvest fields are full. Confirmed by God. Know it is true. Samuel went to Mount Carmel. False prophets. Elijah spoke loudly to prophets. He made jest about those gods. Elijah was confident about his GOD. You must want to know God very well. You must know God loves you, has plans for you, feels about you. Nothing must get between you and God. God turned her around. Nothing between her and God. Repent over and over to get there. God wants to put a large passion in your heart to KNOW HIM.

God has ones he has called in Thunder Bay He will call to the Nations. Many out on the street are called to REVOLUTION. Set their tongues on FIRE. A PROPHETIC MANTEL ON THEM. Shift of the atmosphere in Thunder Bay. The PROPHETIC WILL PERMEATE THE CITY. Cast down the Jezebel spirit. Increase the Elijah spirit Anointing. Release angels to release salvation and harvest Anointing of sons and daughters for this time. Nothing will stop God’s plan for Thunder Bay. Unstoppable. Be a battle Ram, do not give up. Sons and daughters dancing on Vimy Ridge. Generational Blessing from that time for Thunder Bay. Warrior Cal. Answer the call. Amen


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