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Kingdom Keys – Experiencing the Glory and Presence of God

On October 25-26, 2013 LivingWell Healing Rooms hosted the “Kingdom Keys Conference” with Pastor Patricia Bootsma from Catch the Fire Church in Toronto. Patricia, alongside her husband John, gives pastoral leadership to Catch the Fire House of Prayer. She leads the Ontario Prophetic Counsel and represents Ontario to the Canadian Prophetic Counsel. Patricia ministers as a prophetic voice helping to inspire hearts to walk in passionate desire for the Bridegroom and live out fullness of destiny. The Conference was held at Saalem Church.\Our guest speaker was Patricia Bootsma, a wonderful Prophetic speaker from Catch the Fire Church in Toronto. Several of her team also came and ministered to the people with her.

All the conferences have been very inspirational and so enjoyable, but everyone involved felt the anointing and Presence of God like never before and never before have we seen so many joyful, smiling faces.

There was an abundance of books, music C.D’s etc. and many ordered C.D’s of the conference to be able to enjoy it all over again.

Thank you to Lynda, Director; assistants Elizabeth, Sybil and all the ministry teams who pray for those who come to healing rooms. It wasa great group effort and many came to enjoy the Friday, Saturday and Sunday services and truly felt the glory and presence of our great and glorious God. Also thank you to Saalem Church for all the facilities and all the help. What a beautiful setting for such a memorable event.

A special thank you also to Worship Leader, Matt Walsh and all his most capable team, who brought us higher and higher into the Presence of the Lord.

With a grateful, thankful heart to God.

Love, Helen.


Below is a message entitled “Freedom” that was shared on Sunday morning at Saalem Church. Patricia shares a powerful message of forgiveness, freedom, and listening to the Spirit. Click on the play button below to access the recording.