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Journal Entry from Joy Prentiss

From my journal June 2, 2017 Re Glory Night (Joy Prentiss)


Word from the Lord: as recorded by Joy Prentiss for this day

It is My plan, My purpose, My delight, My work, My victory, My happiness, My everlasting desire for ALL who come to Healing Rooms to be healed, saved, and blessed, POWERFULLY. It is My KAIROS TIME.

My Rhema WORD has gone forth through Maggie. Rise up people and hear and act on what I said to you through Maggie. IT WAS GOOD!

I have GOOD and not evil planned for Thunder Bay. A plan and a purpose that is especially suited for the people mix and ethnicity that comprises the CITY. LET IT BE SO. I declare My goodness over this LAND. It is a Good Land. I chose it long ago to house My Presence and My Annointing. The enemy (Jezebel spirit) has snuffed out and silenced my people for too long. I am rising up My warriors for such a time as this. It is THUS AND SO because I decree it to the LAND. The LAND has a VOICE and PURPOSE too. The LAND brings forth the HARVEST in the natural, BUT I bring SPIRITUAL HARVEST.

My SPRINGTIME is here. The seeds of CHANGE have been planted by much prayer. My faithful intercessors who have laboured and cried out to Me. The pregnancy is almost full term now. Keep crying out and declaring. Jezebel (mental health issues, addictions, suicide, wasted lives, apathy, indifference, infighting, and squabbling, and bickering are symptoms of a DIVISIVE SPIRIT.) I SAY STOP. I SAY NO MORE.

I AM THE ONE AND ONLY VOICE that makes a difference in the Land and the People. My WORD does not return to me VOID. I have YES AND AMEN in store for this LAND. VIMY RIDGE STRATEGY is working. The battle is already WON. HAVE THIS MENTALITY. THE BATTLE IS ALREADY WON BECAUSE OF WHO I AM. I fear no one and no thing that tries to exalt itself above My NAME. Their efforts to destroy is a PUFF OF SMOKE TO ME. Blown away in an instant. I am indeffernt to their noise and racket and flapping and spitting and making trouble. I DECREE the hour and time of MY VICTORY. As I HAVE PLANNED IT.  You have human minds and cannot see the extent of the VICTORY I PLAN. REJOICE and be glad. I AM the WHEEL OF CHANGE. Take off work boots. Dance and rejoice with me, I like a party. I like to see my children happy. The labouring of birthing is over because I DECREE IT. You can stop the heavy lifting. I have done it in My time and for My purpose. You have been faithful and obedient to storm my heavenlies with prayers. I have them all in my hands. I AM the author and finisher of your faith. Rejoice and be glad in this Day that I MADE .I AM the Lord and I make a way in the desert. I give beauty for ashes and singing and rejoicing for sadness. Your cup overflows with MY WINE of gladness. Let us put a song of rejoicing in your mouth and sing and dance to ME.  I receive ALL the joy and praise you send my way. Rejoice and sing boldly. Victory songs and rejoicing. Let us be glad in this day that I made.

Be bold and strong and courageous and you will be glad in it. Be still and wait for my voice. MY WORD moves mountains out of the way. Speak it, pray it, and know it, because I AM IN IT.

We are intimate bedfellows because I want intimacy to be our normal interaction. I know your struggles and pain. Now I want to rejoice and sing and dance with you. Will you be happy and delighted in ME? I AM happy and delighted in YOU. You are MY CREATION and I said it is good. It is very good.

Love Dad.