Hours of Operation: Mon. 1-3pm; 7-8:30pm Wed. 1-3pm

School of Transformation

February 13, 2014 @ 12:00 am
LIVINGWELL Healing Rooms
212 Camelot Street
Thunder Bay, ON P7A 4B1
Lynda Fraser
345-1441 or 767-4509


Healing Rooms School of Transformation – Transforming People, Transforming Cities.

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The Healing Rooms School of Transformation provides you with a unique opportunity to discover and develop your gifts and to learn how to live a Kingdom Lifestyle while cultivating an intimate relationship with God. This School of Transformation carries the DNA of Healing Rooms Ministries – Cal Pierce – Director.

The Curriculum includes:

  • Rightly Relating
  • Rightly Handling the Word
  • The Kingdom of God
  • Healing
  • Seven Mountain Mandate

Some of the teachers include:

  • Cal Pierce
  • Joshua Frey
  • Elaine Perkins
  • Marie McMichael
  • Ray Edwards
  • Graham Cooke
  • Randy Clark
  • Johnny Enlow

There are 66 sessions. You can take some or all sessions. Classes are free!

I just wanted to add that this transformation school was an awesome experience, and has blessed me in every area of my life… It literally poured in a great awakening. I received every teaching like a sponge, just so that I can release wherever I go…This school not only changed my ministry it changed my life, so that my life can be the ministry!

Roberta B.

For more information please call Lynda – LIVINGWELL Healing Rooms at 345-1441.


Information Night will be February 12, 2014 at 7:00pm! Come on out and join us!


From the December Newsletter:

Rightly Relating:
Takes the students on a process of healing and renewing the mind in order to know his or her identity in the Kingdom, have an accurate view of the Godhead, and how to relate to the body of Christ with honor.

Rightly Handling the Word:
In order to be transformed we must have the tools to grasp God’s word in a manner that is as full of integrity as it is life. This section teaches the students the foundational principles needed to study the Bible with sound interpretation.

The Kingdom of God:
Teachings from this section give the student the foundational truths about how God’s kingdom functions. Some topics included are: Apostolic Government, Supernatural Revelation, Activating the Angelic and teaching on the Fivefold Ministry.

Presents the fundamentals of provision for receiving and keeping healing. Subject matter included: SOZO (saved, healed and delivered); anointing to heal; healing the land; health and more.

Seven Mountain Mandate:
Identifies the major institutions that influence society and give the student insight into the strategies that will help them have an impact in the sphere God is calling them to.