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Journal Entry from Joy Prentiss

From my journal June 2, 2017 Re Glory Night (Joy Prentiss)   Word from the Lord: as recorded by Joy Prentiss for this day It is My plan, My purpose, My delight, My work, My victory, My happiness, My everlasting desire for ALL who come to Healing […]

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Maggie Baratto: Story of Being a Least Likely for God (From April 7, 2017)

Maggie is a public health nurse. She wears a Canadian Flag around her waist for God. This is to declare alliance with God for what He wants to do in Canada. Maggie steps out to do it for God no problem, this takes down fear of man. […]

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Kingdom Keys – Experiencing the Glory and Presence of God

On October 25-26, 2013 LivingWell Healing Rooms hosted the “Kingdom Keys Conference” with Pastor Patricia Bootsma from Catch the Fire Church in Toronto. Patricia, alongside her husband John, gives pastoral leadership to Catch the Fire House of Prayer. She leads the Ontario Prophetic Counsel and represents Ontario […]

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Spikenard – Fragrant Oil of Worship

I was reminded as we used this anointing oil one day in the healing rooms of the story of this precious perfume that was used to anoint the head and feet of Jesus. Jesus was at a dinner surrounded by many people. Some saw him as the […]

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Do you Know the Christ?

To Know Him is to love Him, To love Him is to live for Him, To live for Him is to worship Him, To worship Him is to submit to Him, To submit is to surrender, To surrender is to gain, To gain is to give, To […]

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