Hours of Operation: Mon. 1-3pm; 7-8:30pm Wed. 1-3pm




(Adapted from a report written by Michelle Pierce, Director of Healing Rooms Ministries)

When Carolyn and Doug Cooke and Lynda Fraser attended Healing Rooms training in Spokane, Washington in September 2007, they had no idea what God was about to do. As they were leaving, the intercessor looked at them and said, “You three are camels, taking back resources to your city.” They took that word and went back home asking God if He wanted them to open a Healing Room.

The Lord directed them to start training a team of volunteers and they rented space and opened January 2, 2008. After two years at the first location, they bought a building of their own and took possession on February 19, 2010. The address of the new location was 212 Camelot St. There was discussion and prayer as to the significance of the street name until someone said, “Well, you know the word camel is in Camelot.” The revelation was so obvious, yet hidden at first, that when they saw the connection they almost fell off their chairs! They were right where they were supposed to be: camel lot… on the lot of camels. Needless to say, if you visit Thunder Bay Living Well Healing Rooms you will see that camels are a common theme in the decor.


The Meaning of Our Logo

translogoThe interlocking rings and small circles illustrate the living, moving water, and symbolize completion, healing and the eternal God at work in our lives.